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What it does and how it works

  By-Pass filtration at it's simplest is a method of plumbing in a filtration system into a circuit as a sub circuit taking part of the flow away from the main circuit. The principle is based on processing a low flow rate at low pressure. This allows the selection of a filter media that offers high efficiency and high dirt holding characteristics without concern regarding pressure drop across the element.

We offer a number of ways of achieving the flow required for the filtration system. Our HXM series is fitted directly to the circuit by a T on the main line. In-built controls reduce the pressure and flow rate to the required level in the sub circuit whilst leaving the main circuit unaffected. SRX and MRX units offer stand alone filtration with their own pump and controls, either as mobile or dedicated static systems.

At the heart of our systems is our wound filter element. The elements are made from pure virgin cellulose fibre wound very tightly onto a core. The oil is forced through the element end to end between the leaves of the roll which acts like a filter bed. This method of filtration, which can only be used at these low flow rates, offers very high levels of dirt holding compared with conventional filtration.

In addition to particulate removal the elements are able to remove moisture from the oil, up to 300 ml per element. Small quantities of moisture contribute to the increase in acidity of the oil whilst larger quantities can lead to pump damage.

Reduction in contaminants, both particulate and moisture, in this way will lead to a corresponding reduction in maintenance costs and downtime. The use of By-Pass Filtration ensures that this reduction is achieved in a cost effective manner.

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