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Our filtration systems are used in a variety of industries across the World. They are installed on Machine Tools, Plastic Moulding machines, Vehicle Hydraulics, Heavy Plant, Waste Transfer Stations, Static plant, Mining and Quarrying machinery. All of these and many more types of equipment can and do benefit from our systems.

Below are examples of just a few applications. Contact our sales office for advice regarding your applications.

Econ Gritter, fitted with HXM14/2                 PDE Rolonof, fitted with HXM14/2

RCV fitted with HXM14/2                 Skip Loader fitted with HXM14/2

Netstal Moulding M/C Battenfeld Moulding M/C
Netstal Moulding M/C fitted with HXM14/5       Battenfeld Moulding M/C fitted with HXM14/5

Die casting M/C fitted with GXM14/5
(Glycol filtration system)

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